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Larger Gardens

The following projects are for larger gardens which are being built over the next few years.

The first project is a romantic country garden which includes seating areas, a woodland walk, kitchen garden, new garage and the reinstatement of a carriage drive and walks across the surrounding fields.



georgian plan

The Georgian Hall had been restored by the clients and they wanted to create a garden which captured the romance of the place – with formal gardens designed as though they were for the Dowager who’d once lived there and productive areas as though they were by domestic staff. Part of my work was to also look at practicalities such as how best to position a garage within the site and accommodate quirks such as a public right of way across the garden!



georgian formal gdngeorgian veg gdn

The clients have implemented the areas closest to the house so far – using my designs to guide how they’ve laid out the spaces and then planting and commissioning items such as the gates themselves.







Professional photography by Brooks-Carter Photography.

The second, an extensive site in the Forest of Bowland, includes a courtyard for parking, places to sit and entertain, ornamental garden areas with pergolas of an Italianate style, a vegetable garden, orchard and a large wildlife pond across which the clients will enjoy the view of the fells.


The former farmyard is being converted for the clients to use the stone barns as garages and guest accommodation and new stabling with paddocks for their horses. Part of my work was to think about how this would work in the future in terms of access, movement and views.

bleasdale 3d

The photographs below show the garden following initial construction and planting of the garden area shown above. Walls, hedges and hurdle fencing will provide shelter in the future as the garden is very exposed, a pavilion has also been built to provide a space to use throughout the year. The soil is peaty and the area gets a high level of rainfall so the planting has been chosen to suit this.

I’m continuing to provide detailed designs as the clients work on each area.

bleasdale photo 2


bleasdale photo 1