Mark Fenton Designs

Northern Design Awards Finalist

A finalist in the Northern Design Awards Commercial Landscaping category. This project has been delivered during my employment at Wyre Borough Council. Works to rejuvenate Vicarage Park were completed May 2012 and the park was given Green Flag status July 2013. Pathways were resurfaced and some were revised in sympathy with existing mature trees and desire lines. A central space for events and people to congregate has also been introduced.

Vicarage Park
The park is a main route for many residents when walking to the town centre, I wanted them to enjoy planting as they dash through; the areas surrounding the central space include large groups of perennials such as Persicaria, Trollius, Lythrum and Actaea, suited to the heavy conditions. A wetland area created on one side of the central area was planted with ornamental species such as Rodgersia, Gunnera, Iris and Rheum in spring 2013.


Vicarage Park