Mark Fenton Designs


My passion is helping clients that care – whether their project is big or small!

Capable of designing to different styles and for projects that vary from coastal to mountainside settings the designs I produce complement the thought, care, time and money invested in the interior of a home or professional image of a commercial property.

My approach focuses on the client’s needs and the potential of their site. I draw on a wealth of experience and creative vision to prepare design options and make recommendations.

Each commission I undertake tends to comprise of several stages, a typical project includes the stages 1-5 with come clients opting for stage 6 depending on the scale of the work.

1. Consultation

I will visit you at a convenient time, listen to your ideas and make initial suggestions about your project’s potential. My portfolio will give you an insight into the design process and what you can expect from me in providing a design service. My initial consultation is free of charge.

2. Fee

I will write a quotation with a description of your brief and the services I can offer. My fees vary according to the size, nature and complexity of the project.

3. Survey

I will carry out a basic survey of the site and advise on what other surveys are necessary. I take time to explore your brief further and specific needs or problems. I can advise regarding any planning permission and applications for tree works.

4. Design

I will prepare a design accompanied by 3D illustrations or images of similar features, along with suggestions for materials and planting. I can calculate an estimate of cost for the landscape work to help you choose options for materials and features.

5. Detailed Design

A second phase of design work allows time to discuss any changes you would like to make. A detailed design is accompanied by construction drawings, specifications and planting plans with lists of names, plant sizes and quantities. A schedule lists each item of work and is prepared for a landscaper to price against, I also use the schedule to update the estimate of cost for you.

6. Tendering and Contract Administration

I can help clients by getting quotations for the landscape work and advising on the choice of landscaper. During construction I can visit site to help resolve any issues and advise on any changes required. I can issue certificates of the value of work done and check landscaper’s invoices.